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Fun in Georgetown...

WaMo view form the Potomac

I haven’t been to Georgetown since the big move, partially because its not very metro-accessible (or at least so I thought).   But last week my friends and I picked up a Living Social deal for a Margarita Cruise on the Potomac.    Saturday we setoff on the Metro (No Trackwork!) and got off at Foggy Bottom and then took the Circulator to Georgetown (31st and M NW).  The bus was packed but a quick ride… in the future I think its completely walkable from Foggy Bottom, depending on the weather.

Anyway we headed for the Georgetown Waterfront to try and find the boat…. The boat was not docked yet, but we could checkin and get name tags (The cruise was originally a networking event thru Pros in the City).  So I standing in a clump of people for checkin and as I am glaning around I notice someone across from me…. I’m thinking… I know that bad haircut…..then OMG… its Potluck Bitch!    We both had on sunglasses so I am not sure if (or when) she realized it was me… but we ignored each other… and luckily no Drama ensued.

We boarded the boat, the weather was great.  It was an an hour ride.  The funny thing is the ticket price listed on the boat was $14.  Living Social charged $20.  Pros in the City wanted $40!  (if I had paid $40 I would have wanted my money back!).  Drinks were charged separately.  The cruise was billed as having $3 Margaritas…. but that was w/o liquor!  The price went up to $7 for getting actual tequilla……. Zoinks! (we of course went with Liquor :P)

After the cruise, we decided to get some more drinks and appetizers… First we tried Nick’s Riverside Grill, but they wouldn’t seat you at a table unless you were ordering Entrees… weird.  So we went to Sequoia :)

Seated right away, even though it was crowded.  I ordered a Blueberry Mojito… and it was yummy!

We also ordered Tuna Tartar, Calamari Crisps,  and Duck & Pinenut Potstickers.  All arrived fairly fast and tasted great.  The only not so great thing was when we saw 2 rats run by!  I would go back (especially for brunch) just ask to sit away from the bushes  ;)

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