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Review: Fado

Prior to last Friday I have been to Fado a few times for pre or post event Harps.  I never knew it was a chain.  Or that they even served food.  :D  But as a friend and I were debating where to watch some World Cup action Fado made the short list, along with Pour House, Town Tavern and Lucky Bar.  Lucky Bar was the early winner.  But Friday morning I was perusing Foursquare and saw that Fado was having a special! 50% off all food (as long as it wasn’t part of the Word Cup specials) while checked-in during matches…. ding, ding, ding! My friend agreed… and I set off for Gallery Place via Metro :)

I arrived first, around 10:45 and it was packed, but I found a table in back :D 

I ended up ordering the Smithwick’s Mini Burgers (minus cheese).  They were cooked perfectly for me… about medium and the pickle hit the spot.  Though you may want to probably order some chips (aka fries) if you are planning to make this a meal.

Between the 10:30 and 2:30 games there was some turnover so we moved to a table with better TV access (there are a bunch of about 32 inch TVs scatterered  around (though strategically placed so you should be able to have some sort of view) and a huge projection on one of the back walls).   I even somehow managed to score a free Harp at one point :D

I want to go back and try the Corned Beef Rolls and Smoked Salmon Bites, which I plan to, although if I don’t make it to another World Cup match, hopefully Fado airs Caps games (during the season of course :P)

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