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Random NYC-ness…..

Forgot one detail in my May 20 Pearl Jam post…

Walking from Penn Station to the Hotel, my friend and I saw a pedestrian yell at a cabbie (and hit the cab with something).  Then the cabbie (with a passenger in the car!) pulled over, put the car in park, and opened the door!  They kind of yelled at each other… then the cabbie got back in the car and left.

Going into this trip I had two goals

1) Unlock the Far Far Away badge on foursquare…. Done
2) Visit the NHL store…… Done!

Also…. Thursday early AM I walked up to Central Park,. got some Starbucks and read blogs via my iPad :D; Saw the 5th Ave Apple store, went into Duane Reade (they have essie and OPI nail polish!!! – I bought some of course).  Headed back downtown to shower and eat breakfast. 

Then my friend and I headed to the NHL store where I only spent $15!!  We attempted to hit a King Tut exhibit, but tickets were over our price point.  So we headed back downtown to MSG (with a side trip to Macy’s where I walked away from the cutest handbag :( )to pickup the next round of fan club tickets … and then went to Pinkberry!!!!!  Which led to an awesome discovery…. aside from my Starbucks Mayoral discount,
Pinkberry offers 10% off your purchase when you check in via foursquare (NYC has many more deals… I later learned my hotel had a deal for check-in and mayors in the hotel restaurant).

Then we headed back uptown to rest up and pre-game!

Next up… the Review of Pearl Jam… May 21….#EPIC :D

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