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Review: iPad 3G + WiFi

I”ve had my iPad for exactly one week as of this writing….. and the verdict is “Well worth the $$$!”  I ended up getting the 16GB version for the following reasons:

1)No plans to put music on it… thats what my iPods are for (yes I have 2…. a Nano and a Touch)

2)Can’t see myself installing 16MB of apps….well at least in 2 – 3 years which is what I think the life expectancy of the iPad should be before I need to upgrade.

The main reason I got the iPad was because I needed access to a better Mobile browser than what my BlackBerry can deliver.  The agency where I work (aka spend the majority of my time) has 2 browser issues (well 3 actually). 

1) Standard broswer is IE6…. yes IE6 the one that had a funeral last month.  I went Rogue IT and upgraded to IE7 because I can’t function without tabbed browsing.

2) In order to access a 3rd party mail site (ie Gmail, Yahoo, etc)… we need to remote into a virtual computer (and this IS running IE6 :()

3) PearlJam.com is unviewable!  Not blocked… unviewable….. not sure what their web site is coded using but when I go to the site is a white page… with a list of all the links in blue text…. and there is a random small square (maybe 2 inches by 2 inches) that is trying to be the real website … but is failing…. usually it’s not a problem… I get Pearl Jam news via my iGoogle page and Twitter…… but when I need to access it to purchase Fan Club tickets… well Houston we have a problem :D

Last Friday the iPad was delivered ….I unboxed and setup was a breeze.  I linked it to my home’s WAP via WIFi… and things were awesome… no dropped connections.  I waited to setup the 3G with AT&T until Sunday.  That was also pretty easy.  So far service hasn’t had any problems. 

Mostly I have been using Safari to surf and read blogs.  But the true test arrived Wednesday afternoon…. A friend emailed me that the bootlegs from Pearl Jam’s  2009 Philly Shows @ the Spectrum were finally available!  I hopped on the iPad… went to PearlJam.com….. and bought the 2 shows that I was at… with no problems :D  Now I can buy concert tickets wherever I am (well as long as AT&T or WiFi is available)… no need to delay plans (or meetings :P). 

Other apps that I have installed….UrbanSpoon for iPad (this is awesome… even better than the iPhone version)… Twitterific (or course I need a Twitter backup :P),…. Netflix (haven’t used it yet), WeatherBug for iPad (this is good too)….NHL Ice Time – 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs edition :(  (this is awesome as well… real time scores, links to video for all goals and some blocked shots in each game…. only 1 way it could be better… but lets not dwell ;))…. Wikipanion (Wikipedia app – this is pretty good)…. eBay for iPad (only used it for one search… seems pretty good… not as clutteras trying to view eBay website would be).

Overall Grade  —  A -

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