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Maybe SmarTrip should get Starbucks to handle their web development??

About a year ago Starbucks introduced a new rewards program…. of the type where you pay $25 for a years membership and you get a percentage off each purchase, plus free stuff. If you go there nearly everyday like me… its totally worth it (maybe not worth it for Starbucks… they discontinued it) :) Now there is a Gold Rewards program… Starbucks went ahead and moved everyone in the old program to the new card, and mailed out new cards! Fancy!!

Here’s the part that WMATA could learn from… the Starbucks website lets you manage your account online… You can add multiple cards, setup auto-reload where you can reload based on a date or when your balance hits a certain amount. You can transfer balances between cards (ie if you ever lost a card…. just transfer to another card that you have).

If you have ever registered your SmarTrip card with WMATA it appears to go into this big abyss…..where you can’t search on it or pull it up again.

Maybe WMATA and Starbucks could go into business together?? I see enough people drinking coffee on the Metro in the AM anyway…. pay for commuting and coffee with the same card!!

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