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Starbucks Ettiquette….

I stop at Starbucks every morning after getting off the Metro. I need my Latte… especially if it looks like there may be Drama in the office.

Way back when I was getting into the office around 7am I rarely noticed what I am getting ready to rant about, probabaly because it was so early, there were never that many people in line.

First up seems to be a problem at all Starbucks if they are busy….. People laying all over the drink counter, effectively cutting off the counter from other customers. Hey guess what people… if you just ordered and Starbucks is busy…. your drink is not going to be the next one ready…. hang back and wait until you order is called.

Second…. is a problem due to the layout of the store. Once more than 10 people are in line, the way the line snakes around teh store, the door to the outside CAN be blocked if rude people are in line. People with a clue about the world around them leave the space around the door unblocked, (so a space between them and the person in front of them), and the line continues to snake around the store. The only problem this can cause is when someone comes into the store and jumps into line in the “open space”. This is usually cleared up by telling them…. “The line actually starts back there…”.

This morning the scenario above happened, complete with me having to tell a line jumper where the line actually started. But the guy behind me apparently wasn’t man enough to be able to tell someone where the line started because when I crossed over the empty space, he stayed with me, blocking the door. As someone was coming in. And then to make it odder, this tool would not move away from the door to let the person in. He did this weird scrunch up thing with his arms and then was trying to step on me! I was this close to 1)Telling him to not touch me and 2) Suggesting that he not block the door. But since I knew I’d come off sounding like a b*itch I decided I didn’t want drama that early in the AM, so I just focused on my BlackBerry while feeling morally superior :D

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