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You have got to be kidding me!!?!?!

Well it appears 2 months is the longest Potluck Bitch can go without stirring up trouble… and /or being unable to get over the fact that I do not want to be her friend.

Its been a banner week and its only Tuesday. On Friday (while I was out) she sent out an email saying that I would do something, that I never said I would do, and in fact I could never do because the trigger for me to do the task is PB notifying me that she has completed a document, which she never does, because she refuses to copy me on any work related emails! Today she indicated that I would be volunteering for a task that she could not possibly do, because she was tied up with 10/12 hour work days for the next two weeks (how this is possible I have no clue because she is never at her desk… and she is not at meetings because she is not allowed to go to anything other than staff meetings!).

But the best was this afternoon when she complained that I laugh too much. (Hey I am a giggler, always have been, and I know she doesn’t like it (probably because she is not sure what I am laughing at) so when I listen to EITM in the mornings I kind of lay it on thick…..).

I was unofficially informed of this … and asked…”Am I not allowed to laugh at work anymore?”
Obviously the answer is no, because you can’t police crap like that, but WTH!?!??!?! So its game on!!!!

I now have a lovely image of The Dark Knight’s “Why So Serious?” ad campaign as my desktop wallpaper, Quotes about laughter will be appearing in my email signatures, and whenever she is not at her desk, I will make a comment about billing for hours when you are never at your desk…..

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