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Something seriously went wrong here….

I don’t usually commute via the Red line. But whoa. Watching a press conference. General Manager Catoe seems to be vehement that the trains were not single tracking.

I was in SW DC when this happened (at happy hour!) and was actually in a place with a TV tuned to local news… and around 5:40 Breaking News alerts started coming in.

oddly enough never saw a metro alert that referred to the collision… only “mechanical difficulties” and “a police situation”.

1 comment to WOW!

  • Bilbo

    I'm glad I ride the Blue Line, but it's still scary. I had relatives calling me from all over the country to make sure I was all right. It even made the news in Germany – my in-laws called to make sure I was still alive! Oh, and don't expect Metro to ever use words like "collision" or "accident." It would draw lawsuits like chum in the water draws sharks…

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