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A tale of two home inspections…


My home inspection for the house I plan to buy was conducted Friday. It took about 2hours and produced a nice report. Some things I already knew… Original Windows need to be replaced, AC unit is 3 years old; Roof is about the same.

Some things were a surprise. No outlet in upstairs bathroom (I think in the back of my mind I may have suspected this, because a friend made a comment recently that she didn’t have an outlet in her upstairs bathroom). Dishwasher not hooked up! (it is now… according to listing agent); Furnace 28 years old; House built in 1941, not 1944. and last but not least… the best… in the basement …

Home Inspector (looking at dryer): What’s missing?

Me: No idea.

Home Inspector: Come on… what’s missing? (as he pulls the dryer away
from the wall).

Me (I really have no clue): Wheels??

Home Inspector (Laughing): No, a vent to the outside!

Me (D’oh)!

One can be installed, it will probably my first project. :-)

The home inspection for my condo was done Monday. Not sure how long it took, but it was done by the same guy that did mine, and produced the same nice report. Only one issue found….. the temperture differential between the return and the supply is too low, so the buyer wants it inspected by a real HVAC person. This shoudl be done Thursday.

Pending the results of that, I will cancel my monthly MARC ticket….. and the biggie…resign from the HOA board :D

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