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Even my mom can’t outrun technology!

I thought my happiest moment was when I got my mom to sign-up for a Yahoo! email account (she had avoided it for years… but finally succumbed maybe 4 years ago)….

I hate talking on the phone… to anyone (really its not Personal :P). I possibly hate it more than I hate Potluck Bitch. Email is my go to form of communication, but with my upgrade to the BlackBerry I have been becoming a fan of texting and IM (but I have been doing that for a while for work etc….). So if I can get some phone conversations eliminated due email (or txting) I am a happy camper! Now when my parents go away on vacation instead of the “We Made it!” call, I’ll get a “We made it!” email.

(Don’t believe me?…. I have the least amount of talk minutes available in a plan = 450. I have never broken 200 minutes in a month and am usually closer to 150 – and I do no have a landline in my house.)

Jump to last week… the ringtone on my BlackBerry plays that lets me know I’ve got an incoming IM. I checked the name. It was my mom! Yahoo! started embedding their chat program in their email page (like Google) and my mom saw me online and just sent me a quick note hoping that I was having a good day. :D

Today she IM’d me again… and we actually had a real back and forth chat!!! woohoo! :-)

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