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NKOTB – 18 Years Later – The Review!

The last time I saw New Kids on the Block was at the Baltimore Arena back in 1989. I remember my mom calling for tickets from the rotary phone in the kitchen! This time I ordered my ticket from my office chair via ticketmaster.com.

Thursday I headed of to the Greenbelt Metro to begin my journey to the Verizon Center, and so did apparently most other suburban Maryland white girls in their mid-twenties – mid thirties. My train was packed! Then when we got to Chinatown/Gallery Place it was even crazier!

There was a line outside the front entrances, but thanks to seeing Pearl Jam at this venue I knew about the “secret” side entrance where you can usually walk right on in…. which I did!

First up a visit to the restroom. (I mention this only because they had turned many of the men’s rooms into women’s)! Next up finding my seat… unlike usually being spoiled by the Ten Club at Pearl Jam shows… I was not headed down to the floor, but up…. to the rafters!! I found my seat and it actually wasn’t bad. I was almost parallel with the front of the stage and there was a big video screen angled toward me.

The first opening act was playing when I walked in but I had no clue who it was and the sound was so bad I could barely hear him… so I played with my BlackBerry (as did many people around me I counted at least 4 in my section!)

Next up… Natasha Bedingfield ! I was happy when I learned about this earlier in the day… I watch “The Hills” so I know 2 of her songs :P


Sound may have been a bit better, I could understand Natasha when she talked and the actual songs.

Another “feature” they had at this show was texting messages to the big video screen… this must be the new thing at big concerts (they did it at all 3 Pearl Jam shows I went to this summer, but I thought that was becase that tour had a tie-in with Verizon Wireless). I did manage to catch this fun shout out! Cheverly in the house!

Cheverly loves NKOTB too!

Then it was time for NKOTB! Eeek!! They all looked good (especially Joey!)


Dance moves looked good! They played all of the hits! Sound still bad…. the vocals were just not loud enough to be heard over the music… not sure if it was due to a skimpy audio setup or what….

example — My favorite song “Please Don’t Go Girl” The only reason I knew this was being played was becasue Joey was at the front singing, and they were playing clips from the original music screen on the video screen!

I looked at tour merchandise afterwards but it was way over-priced ($45 for a T-shirt!)… so I passed.

Headed home! Metro was packed, but I found a new way home from the Greenbelt Metro! Thanks to my navigation system… no need to go all the way up 95…. I cut from 495 to 295 via Rt 1 and Powder Mill Rd. Yay!

Overall I am glad I went… It was fun to see them again after all these years (and it’s been fun listening to all of the old tunes on my iPod!)

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