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HOA – Implosion!

Remember this fun post?

Well the implosion is complete! Way back in August a new person that was also questioning the way some things were being done joined the board are started requesting all kinds of documents….

The property manager didn’t want to give them to her (which was a huge red flag for me!) The HOA is paying this company for a service and they don’t want to answer our questions? Unacceptable! (Oh – and this property manager is completely incompetent – she creates work orders for building sthat don’t exist, she mailed out a meeting notice for a BOD meeting at my house where she spelled my name wrong and included the wrong address (another building that doesn’t exist).)

Around September I started asking for hard numbers/costs associated to a website that the mgmt company secured for us, but that no one was really using. They never provided the costs, and gave me some really odd graphs to try and indicate how may owners were using the website. I kept asking through November with no response. So then I did my Who Is search ( thanks UMBC — this is one thing that I actually learned there and still use today!) and found the technical contact for the company hosting the website ( they also made the software that was running on the site). I then asked “Do you have any canned reports for this website that I can run to see how many people are using the site?’ Reply “Yes, they are accessible from your site and you have access to them!” !!! Another red flag to me in regards to Mgmt Co, hiding info!

I ran the reports and found that aside from 3 members of the board no one was using it….needless to say we discontinued the website maintenance costs (they were charging us some outrageous amount to maintain the site, but the info on the site was over 2 years old!)

But because the Mgmt Co never game me the invoices for the costs associated to the website, I opened a BBB complaint against them

After that 1 board member wanted me removed from the board (oh yeah I was President at this time ), but the other 3 ( including the person that joined back in Aug who really pushed for me to stay) went with the option to only remove me as President !

After a meeting last March – The 1 board member resigned, and 2 of the other 3 are moving next month!

So now the Mgmt co has been ignoring me and the August person. Needless to say we terminated their contract with our HOA last night!


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