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Entry for September 13, 2007

Yesterday I got off the train and was ready to drive home, opened up the car, put the top down and thought I put the front windows down. The passenger side window went down, but the driver side window wouldn’t budge! Since the MARC parking lot is a mess at that time of day, I didn’t want to fuss with it… so I drove home (5 minutes!!). When I got home I tried again , nothing! I thought this is great… just when I am almost ready to trade in Fritz II it’s having mechanical failures!

This morning when I got to the train station, I tried the window again and it went down and back up (YAY!) Who knows what happened ( its possible I was tired and was pressing the wrong button, but I don’t think so).

Which means …..It’s poll time again!

How to handle the car window…
It was a one time -freak thing…. use as normal!
It’s ready to go up… don’t use the window at all!
It’s ready to go up… if the window goes down, put it back up before turning the car off

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